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HydroWeed 5 Gallon Pail

HydroWeed 5 Gallon Pail
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Organic oil absorbing product from UCS of A Dealers the dealer network for BWT

    HydroWeed is one of Nature's non-chemical wonders. Using a select type of peat moss, and a processing that sterilizes the individual fibers while killing off the insects, HydroWeed is a safe, environmentally friendly product that reacts just the opposite of what you would expect.

    Because HydroWeed will NOT release soaked up oil or other hydrocarbons, it is the ideal product for cleaning up any type of oil or chemical spill. While peat moss is normally used in gardening to retain moisture around plant roots, HydroWeed differs in that it rejects water indefinitely. It literally locks up the chemical along with any heavy metals, preventing them from leaking or washing out once they are absorbed.

For more information please visit our HydroWeed product description page.