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HALO photonic-botanical systems

Introducing the HALO photonics-botanical systems and I'll tell you it's nothing short of Miraculous. From all the testimonials I have heard and read there is nothing it will not address other than a broken bone or severed limb (HALO will drastically reduce healing time). The inventor, Michael Thomas, a Master Chemist and Botanist cured his stage 4 leukaemia in 2009 with a tiny fraction of the power of todays PRO system. Note; the HALO does not cure anything, your body does, the HALO delivers the botanical frequencies your cells require at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) to the cellar level addressing whatever your health challenge(s) / issue(s) may be.

The HALO also does wonders to your water with the WS (water structure) vial. The WS structures the water monocle into a double-helix shrinking the H2O monocles to approximately 1/3 the normal structure size making it totally accessible to your cells. After using the WS for 20 seconds do the same (just WS and AP1 with Apocalypse system) with all the vials in your system to infuse your water with all the botanicals, drink & cook with your therapy as well (your body will crave it). It is reported by Medical Daily that "75% of Americans May Suffer from Chronic Dehydration" guaranteed your body will love HALO double-helix infused water. My body certainly does, between drinking water, tea and ice cubes I now consume over a gallon a day.

In the current HALO Apocalypse system Mike has incorporated ALL the botanicals into one vial, the AP-1 (all purpose). What a time saver, do your therapy in two sessions two minutes each and structure and infuse your water in under one minute! Due to the SCAMdemic, Covid-19, Mike has created a vial (contained in the AP-1 vial) to make all graphene oxide and spike proteins inert that may be present, if you chose or were pressured (to avoid loss of income / career choice) to take the jab. This is not medical advice, if you have had 1 or more Covid jabs or the test they jammed up your nose I would strongly suggest you get a D-dimer blood test ASAP! This test will let you know if your blood is clotting internally and if so, act immediately.

Myself personally no longer purchase supplements saving $100 - $150 a month in that everything our bodies require is contained in the botanicals. You cannot overdose with HALO; the individual cells take exactly what they need at that time, all else just dissipates. Thing is how much of those costly supplements actually get to the cellar level, suggest you read this article Bioavailability of Nutritional Supplements.

It is not in the budget for a lot of folks, especially these days. The portable PRO system retails at $8,600 + shipping, we offer for $6,595 + $45 shipping (5 pounds). Then there is the MAX (40+ times the power of the PRO) designed for clinics which retails for $33,000 + shipping, through us it is $28,995 $255 shipping (105 pounds). The fixed shipping costs above applies to the contiguous United States only Alaska, Hawaii and International customers contact us

If the cost is an issue consider getting together a small group of family, friends and/or neighbours splitting up the cost. For my candida fungal issue of 13+ years I don't use the direct light much now, just drinking the infused water keeps the fungal die-off at a manageable level. There are practitioners in the States that charge up to $75 just to infuse their patients 5-gallon jug, they love that the infused water alone takes care of their particular health challenge(s). Down here in Panama, we infuse their 5-gallon jug the first time at no charge, additional infusions are $25 each.

Concerning the vials (PRO) or tubes (MAX) the vial Mike used to cure his leukaemia is still just as viable today as it was in 2009. If you accidentally drop and break a vial Mike is no penny pincher, just let me know and he will replace it. If you have any questions just reply to this Update or use our contact page with your phone number and best time to call. It will take sometime to get the HALO information on the website (waiting for Mike's new Apolcylypse website) however the systems are available in our store now.

HALO infused double-helix water delivers all the above benefits to your animals and plants!

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Note; Michael Thomas is building a new website for the new Apocalypse Systems,
the Apoccalypse systems are that drastic of an advancement in the HALO photonics-botanical systems.

HALO Pro System In Store
HALO Max in store

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