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Customer Comments:

"I bought a TGCC to install on my 94 Ford Ranger which has a lot of miles on it. I noticed a marked performance improvement right away. I mostly drive conservatively and don't stomp on the gas and the cruising power is just much better, plus the better gas mileage, and I'm guessing at least 15 percent." Brent Johnson Boise, Idaho

“WOW the TGCC has Just improved my 1997 f150 4x4 by 25%. I am getting 24 to 26 MPG. Sure hope the new TCC for air cool engines will fit my Harley!” Goeff C. ,Canada

“I installed a Thermal Gas Catalyst Cracker on my '05 town & country mini van before installation I got 24 mpg after install I got 31.8 hiway mileage. Also on my '99 caravan I got 20.5mpg after install I got 25.7 mpg.” William K, Ohio

“I have been a heavy equipment mechanic for 25 years and am the owner operator of Heavy Equipment Repair Services LLC. I also have been racing motorcycles professionally for 18 years. I can certify that my 1999 31’ Ford Diesel Motor home received a drastic increase in power, performance, and an unprecedented 25% increase in fuel economy. The impressive aspect of these gains was with the vehicle fully loaded and towing an 18’trailer loaded with equipment and 2 motorcycles".

"My racing motorcycle picked up at least 10 HP by the seat of the pants feel which I will be quantifying within the coming weeks on a certified dynamometer. I have never experienced outstanding performance and fuel efficiency before from a bolt on product. My friends in the racing circuit are now interested in having a custom TGCC made for their motorcycles in addition to purchasing them for their tow vehicles based on my results. I am looking forward to installing the industrial version on the heavy equipment I repair, recondition, and sell to add value to my business.” Robert K, New Jersey

“I have been driving a truck for 34 years and have been driving this truck (2006 Mack CL700 powered by a 600Hp Cummins) for the company for 1 year. I noticed a significant power increase immediately after the install. The truck has more torque and pulls the heavy loads easier. I recently pulled the heaviest piece of equipment we own a rock crusher that weighs over 100,000 pounds out of a quarry and up very hilly roads back to the shop. I never had to shift out of 4th gear, it actually gained a gear pulling the hills under heavy loads very impressive.” James W., New Jersey

“I bought a 1997 Honda Accord with 132,000 miles as a commuter car. The first run after getting an oil change and a new radiator was 24 MPG city/highway combined and ran very sluggish. These numbers were unacceptable for commuting purposes, so I bought a TGCC. Every fill up after installation for the following weeks increased until now I am holding at 31 MPG city/highway combined for the same trip. And after 3 months, it is still going up!! In addition, the car runs as smooth as a new car, much more power especially on inclines. I couldn’t be happier.” S.D., New York

“I purchased the TGCC Last week for my 1999 Toyota 4Runner and Wow! Awesome performance gain. I live at the top of a steep mountain in NY and the truck now climbs it without bogging. Over the course of 5 days the performance got better and so did my mileage. I now have to fill up at 340 miles per tank instead of the 240 miles I used to. I am amazed that such a simple looking part can have such a big impact. I would highly recommend anyone purchase it, you will not be disappointed.” Michele S. Monroe NY

“I just wanted to give a review of my TGCC. I have used this product for over a month now and I have never been happier. I drive a 2007 Dodge Caliber R/T AWD. It a good little car but is weak on the power side. Gas is ok too; sticker says 23 city/28 highway. Yeah right, it’s more like 22 city/25 highway. So after purchasing and installing the TGCC, all I can say is wow, the car feels like it’s on HGH. The power increase is awesome; the extra horse power makes driving up steep hills and passing on the highway a breeze. I start the engine and the car just says “oh yeah”.

"I have also noticed reduced gas consumption. I would have to say at least an extra 3 to 4 miles per gallon for me while driving on the highway. So my 25 highway miles are more like 28 - 29 miles per gallon. This enhancement is amazing and I will recommend my family and friends upgrade their vehicles. Why this is not a standard part on all cars baffles me. My TGCC just makes driving this little car more fun. The TGCC to just simply put it; Awesome. Thank you .” Joe G, Highland Mills, NY

“When we used to start our landscaping truck and have to run away from it to get away from the smoke cloud until it warmed up. Since we installed the TDCC it does not smoke at start-up has much more power pulling trailers and loads of stones or mulch. It also seems to be using less fuel even though we do not keep track of actual mileage because we do to many start and quick stops in between lawns.” Kenny D., New Jersey

“After seeing how well the TDCC worked on our landscaping truck I had the TGCC installed on my 2008 Dodge Ram W/5.7 Hemi. I already have a program chip and a cat back dual exhaust. On my first run out I was amazed at how quickly my rpm’s come up now. It is incredible; I didn’t believe a simple bolt on part could give me that much of a performance boosts! Keep up the good work!” Kenny D. New Jersey

"My vehicle is a 1995 dodge ram with 230,000 miles. It is getting better gas mileage than it did when it was new. I was averaging only about 360 miles per tank before the TGCC. Now I average 450 miles a tank! It also runs like new again, has more power with hills, and everyone I've had drive it is very impressed with it." M.S.

“My truck has never run this good. I was thinking of getting rid of it but now I think I will fix it up and keep it. The extra 3 miles per gallon fuel mileage is great and I can’t tell you how nice it is to have all the extra power. The guys at the emissions center could not believe that the emissions dropped 76% after just adding the TDCC. It is amazing!” Jim M.. New Jersey

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Aftermarket products for improved performance and increased fuel efficiency

100% Customer Satisfaction LTD offers a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee on all performance products. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, return it for a full purchase price refund. There is also a one year warranty for manufacturer defects excluding a failure for improper installation. If you love it, as we know you will, move up to the next step in combustion evolution and accessorize.

Aftermarket products will not void your new vehicle warrantee!
For clarification please refer to the "Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act" at US Code - Title 15, Chapter 50, Section 2302 (C) & The "Clean Air Act Warranty Provisions" at US Code Title - 42 Chapter 85 Subchapter II Section 7541 (C)(3)(B) LTD now offers products that positively affect your engine’s combustion efficiency from several different angles. Engine efficiency determines power, emissions, and fuel economy. Improving combustion efficiency also allows your engine to last longer by staying cleaner.

    Our suppliers are committed to continued Research and Development to bring you a constant flow of new and innovative products, so check back often to see what new treats are awaiting you. Can you have more performance, better fuel economy, and lower exhaust emissions? Yes, and so much more!

60 day money back guarantee on all Thermal Catalyst Cracker products

Our Thermal Gas Catalyst Cracker Package Includes Everything Needed For Installation:

Current California Gas Prices
  • Fuel Line
  • Hose Clamps
  • Fuel Line Pinch Clamps
  • Four Quick-Connect Adapters
  • Two Metal Quick-Connect To Fuel Line Adapters
  • Three Feet Of Grounding Wire
  • Two Grounding Ring Terminals
  • A Hose Cutting Tool
  • A Pinch Clamp Tool

     All of the Thermal catalyst Cracker products are very easy to install interrupting only the fuel line and heater core line, grounding the unit and mounting securely to avoid damage to the powder coat finish.

Our Thermal Gas Catalyst Cracker:

For Fuel Injected Applications Only

Thermal Gas Catalyst Cracker

    Natural gas engines run over 60% efficient. Propane engines thrive at about 42% efficiency. Gasoline engines are only about 18% efficient. You could say that gasoline isn’t very compatible with your gasoline engine.

    Wasting 82% of your gasoline dollar is due in part because the fuel is sprayed into your engine in liquid form. Burning liquid fuel is like trying to burn a log. Even in small droplets, it’s like trying to burn a heavy baseball bat. The Thermal Catalyst Cracker heats up the fuel and breaks down some of the larger molecules, essentially turning the log into saw dust.

    Employing normally wasted engine heat and a multi-stage catalyst, the TGCC makes gasoline more compatible with your gasoline engine. You can feel the power and see the savings. Your exhaust and engine stay cleaner. Your fuel is more in harmony with engine physics.

Our experience with the single stage gasoline TGCC

     When I first acquired my '99 Silverado, 4X4, 6 liter I added a set of headers, a cat-back system, Airaide system along with a K&N Filter + the Air Box at a cost of approx. $2,000 installing all but the cat-back myself and did not experience near the increase in power as I did with only a Thermal Gas Catalyst Cracker on my '02 Toyota Sequoia Limited.

     The initial base run was 77.1 miles both city and highway at an efficiency of 12.22 MPG. With the beta unit installed, 86.8 miles, efficiency 12.47 MPG. With the pre-production unit (larger fuel chamber for more heat gain) a 120.9 mile run with an efficiency of 14.34 MPG which equates to a 15% overall increase in mileage so far. But WOW as stated before with the beta unit what a dramatic increase in power with a tad bit more on the larger unit!

     Comes with everything shown above, fuel line and adapters to fit most vehicles.The Gasoline Cal-Cat is for fuel injected engines from .5 to 5.7 liters and works great under normal driving conditions. For vehicles 5.7 L to 8.0 L or if you tow, drive at high speeds, use your vehicle for working, or throttle hard regularly we recommend 2 Gasoline Cal-Cats. On any vehicle 1.5 liters and up that is used off road or for racing we recommend at least 2 Gasoline Cal-Cats.

     The new production TGCC is constructed of 304 Stainless with a powder coat finish which will make the unit virtually rust proof unless the coating gets scratched off. This is one heck of an addition to our product line with many more in the chute and they will all carry the same 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Click for before & after emissions test on a '02 Pontiac Sunfire (Single Stage TGCC)

304 stainless steel construction with a lolly-pop red powder coated finish

TGCC-1 >>> $349.95 Thermal Gas Catalyst Cracker Package Single TGCC

For pickups towing trailers & RVs we recommend two gas TGCC units to ensure you do not run out of treated fuel

TGCC-2 >>> $699.95 Thermal Gas Catalyst Cracker Package Dual TGCC

Dual Thermal Diesel Catalyst Cracker TDCC-2 up to 325 HP Applications (passenger cars to light duty pickups)

Now includes block aluminum mounting bracket

Diesel Cal Cat

     The Thermal Diesel Catalyst Cracker chambers may look the same as its gas counterpart but the amount and types of catalyst needed to work with diesel fuel are totally different and they are scaled to the amount of fuel flow per horsepower. The Thermal Diesel catalyst Cracker unit must be installed between the fuel filter and the injector pump.

     Designed for passenger cars and light duty diesel pickups, testing to date has averaged a 20% improvement in mileage, 25% reduction of emissions and a very noticeable increase in power. Unlike the gas version the characteristics of diesel fuel require a 2 stage process with seven different catalysts in the housing. There is 2 units mounted side by side on the included mounting plate.

TDCC-2 >>> $929.95 Dual Thermal Diesel Catalyst Cracker Dual TDCC

Triple Thermal Diesel Catalyst Cracker up to 500 HP Applications (heavy duty pickups, busses, delivery trucks)

Now includes block aluminum mounting bracket

Big Rig Cal Cat

     We now offer Thermal Diesel Catalyst Cracker for the trucking industry that will save on an average 20% in fuel usage, reduce emissions on average 25% PLUS a very noticeable increase in power! This is very big news, one example given to distributors regarding a '02 427 Mack powered dump truck went from 3.9 MPG to 5.2 MPG (33% increase). Click here for emissions test on this rig stock, right after installation and again at 2 weeks after install. With out the TDCC this rig was using 256 gallons per every 1,000 miles, with the TDCC they are saving 64 gallons of fuel for every 1,000 miles traveled.

     At $3.00 per gallon using the above example the Triple Thermal Diesel Catalyst Cracker would completely pay for itself in less then 6,000 miles which is about half of what a long haul trucker would average per month. A bolt on that pays for itself in less then 30 days, no more flashers going up those long grades, equals a real no brainer for any trucker. Please get this information out to every trucker or heavy equipment operator you may know. As with all our performance products there is a 30 day no questions asked guarantee (from delivery date), if not happy for any reason simply call and request an RMA.

TDCC-3 >>> $1,369.95 Triple Thermal Diesel Catalyst Cracker Triple TDCC

Steel Thermal Diesel Catalyst Cracker Units

The latest addition to our Thermal Diesel Catalyst Cracker family is the steel canister line which requires no additional mounting bracket

TDCC Steel

8" steel canister designed for light duty construction equipment (dump trucks, back hoes, etc.)

TDCC-SS08 >>> $1,599.95 8" Steel TDCC 8

14" steel canister designed for tractor trailer applications & heavy duty construction equipment

TDCC-SS14 >>> $2,499.95 14" Steel TDCC 14

For more information please refer to our Thermal Catalyst Cracker frequently asked questions page

Our Hydro-Sol Package:

Hydro-Sol Kit

    Hydrogen is what powers our sun. Our Hydro-Sol transforms free ordinary water into a powerful blend of ionized oxygen and hydrogen. It’s safe, as it is produced only as the engine needs it. Feel the boost in power! You know you have something incredible when you breathe on the throttle. Exhaust emissions are naturally cleaner as the fuel more efficiently takes you where you want to go in life.

    The ionized oxygen and hydrogen act as a combustion accelerant, effectively speeding up the burn. More of your precious fuel gets converted to power by your engine. Hydro-Sol power commands better performance from your engine. The ultra-fast burn helps get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Stainless Finish Hydro-Sol >>> $599.95Hydro-Sol Package MMPG System

Our Vaporizer:

Recommended for Carbureted Applications


    Whereas fuel injected engines use high pressure fuel pumps, low fuel pressures in carbureted engines can create percolation in the bowls and vapor lock with too much heat. For the performance and marine applications where the carb still rules, we created a special fuel conditioning process just for you!

    The Vaporizer uses 4 of the world’s most powerful magnets to de-cluster the liquids in the fuel. It straps to your heater hose to recycle safe levels of wasted heat energy, thus keeping your fuel system working at peak.

    Like the Cal Cat, the Vaporizer helps make the fuel more compatible with your engine. Feel improved performance and fuel economy with reduced exhaust emissions. The durable anodized aluminum housing augments an award-winning engine compartment every time.

Vaporizer >>> $149.95 Vaporizer Package MMPG System

Our Fuel Conditioners:

MPG Booster Xtra Diesel

    The effects of our MPG Booster allow most gasoline engines to perform with lower octane fuel, which saves you money instantly. The gentle cleaners keep power-robbing carbon away so your valves and rings stay cleaner. Emissions are lower, while power and efficiency are higher.

    Our Xtra Diesel / Bio-Disel formula is for heavy hydrocarbon fuels like diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, and home heating oil. In addition to keeping your engine cleaner, Xtra Diesel formula helps the harder-to-burn fuel oils more easily digest and combust. Crisper throttle, cleaner exhaust, and better fuel efficiency are what you can expect. Try it in your furnace.

    Just one ounce added to 25 gallons of fuel is all it takes. This makes our fuel conditioners extremely cost effective. You’ll appreciate our fuel conditioners even more when used in conjunction with one of our other products. Both additives were engineered to synergize the effectiveness of the Hydro-Sol, Cal Cat, and Vaporizer.

MPG Boost >>> $19.95MPG Booster Gas Formula MMPG System

Xtra Diesel >>> $19.95 Xtra Diesel Formula MMPG System

Purchase by the case (15) and SAVE

MPG Boost Case (15) >>> $249.95 Case MPG Booster Gas Formula MMPG System

Xtra Diesel Case (15) >>> $249.95 Case Xtra Diesel Formula MMPG System

The Package Approach:

    When you have the Hydro-Sol working with your engine from the air intake side, and Cal Cat working from the fuel side, you get MAGIC! By combining technologies, you have a system that works better for you. These 2 components augment each other while working even better with your vehicle’s On-Board Computer.

    Whatever power and fuel savings either can give you, the combination will bring your pride ride alive even more. Add to the package our MMPG Boost or Xtra Diesel and you really start to feel what your engine is capable of. Custom build your own package that meets your needs and budget. We’re here to help. You love your vehicles and equipment. You feed them well. Have them love you back and treat you well.

Discounts for Fleet owners, please contact Jeff direct at 602-635-3660 for details

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