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Commercial Law Resources

Please note; this information is provided as a courtesy only, LTD gets absolutely no compensation upon your decision to purchase any materials or services from the following Law Merchant instructors

Please note the following list is by no means inclusive.

Suggested Video "Overview of America", "9/11 Truth" & Reading List Below

Robert Menard:

Is a Canadian that became involved in commercial law over a child custody action by Canada's Ministry of Children and Family Services back in 2005. He has plenty of eye opening videos you may watch absolutely free on his site located at

Winston Shrout:

A quote from Winston "The truth is... we live in a very complicated commercial world. A world so misunderstood and confusing, it's easy for people to get into trouble without knowing how or why. My goal is to help folks understand how commerce really works, so that they have the knowledge and the confidence to safely navigate through the commercial maze." Winston does commercial law seminars across the country with past seminars available either via CD or DVD format. Winston's web site is Solutions in Commerce

Patrick Devine:

Patrick does not have a web site per se however he does moderate a Yahoo! Group by the name of 1099A_by_patrick. There is always a lively discussion of some point of commercial law with many informative documents in the files section.

Sam Davis:

Sam is a crony of Winston's, his web site may be found at

Tim Turner:

Tim is an ex-FEMA regional director that saw the light and now teaches the redemption process at his seminars across America, Tim's web site with upcoming seminar information may be found at

Overview of America

A very eye-opening video created by the John Birch Society, yes I was also taught these people were a bunch of racists or worse but have come to learn most of what we have been taught is simply not true and contrary to our best interests.

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 truth

If you have any doubt at all about the true Terrorists behind 9/11 this is a MUST WATCH for you!

Suggested Reading